Intro to a Three Deck Reading

What happens if you take three Tarot decks, and ask all three of them the same question? And keep asking? And ask some more? And then ask again?
For me, this is a very serious question – and it’s not disrespectful of reading or of the tradition of Tarot or some sort of parlor trick.
Instead, doing this creates an incredibly powerful story that encourages you to look for serendipity and missed opportunities in your life.
When you add a second or a third deck to a single reading, you suddenly find yourself “Out Of The Box”, and it can be much easier to get a higher level view of the “trees”.
A “Forest” of opportunities emerge, and you can zoom in to examine specific trees, or zoom back out to the forest, in the blink of an eye, and each deck adds its own unique perspective to the reading, drawing out the joys, the pain, the effort, the benefits and rewards, the costs and fears of each “What If”.
The Twin Cities Tarot Guild is a group of people who are fascinated by the psychology of how humans are able to “work” with Tarot, and how these pieces of paper with ink on them have evolved throughout human history – from seating arrangements at a wedding, to prizes of war, to outlawed scrying devices, to a famously entertaining card came played by Scandinavian sailors, to the “Gypsy Cards” that our grandmother’s all had secreted in their sock drawers, to the explosion of decks that we have today.
And even though the meanings of some of these cards are exactly the same as they were three centuries ago, others have changed every twenty years since the early 1900s – some drastically so, reversing their meanings from being cards of horror and fear to being some of the most desirable cards you can find in a reading.
Tarot is a window into our history, our cultures, and ourselves.
If you love history, art, costume, fashion, food, mysticism, or any combination of any of these – even if you are just another student of “The Great Work” and love exploring the patterns that we can find in our history and our lives – I assure you, you will find a home in the Twin Cities Tarot Guild.