June 16 Meeting – Meet the Number 6!

This weekend with the Twin Cities Tarot Guild:

June 16, Noon – 2

* Presentation on the Number Six – “the bad, the good, and the balanced”.
* Planning for future meeting locations and dates
* Fun with Tarot!

This week we are meeting in the Dance Studio of the Carlton Arts/Place Lofts – just two blocks east of the old Sacred Paths Center location! Directions:

2285 University Avenue West
Carlton Arts or Place Lofts

If you drive, please park on Charles Avenue – one block north of University. Do not park in the lot – you will be towed! But there should be ample street parking available during the day.

Come to the main entrance (there are entrances from both the University or the Charles Avenue side – look for the flag on the Charles Avenue side) and call one of these numbers from your cellphone:


Or page “Angela Hed” from the entrance’s wall phone and we’ll come and let you in.

There is no furniture or shoes allowed in the dance studio, so please bring a pillow to sit on and wear nice socks! :)