Minutes from the March 30 meeting


We met at Peace Coffee.

Deck Reviews:

As always, we started with reviews of new decks and decks that we’ve recently rediscovered.

Lynette shared some quilting magazines from 1997 through 2003 that showcased some fabulous quilted tarot cards.

Susan Shie (TurtleMoon.com) has done a complete Majors only deck.  You might remember Susan as the creator of the amazing “Kitchen Tarot”.

Although it seems that some of the quilted cards appear quite large, most are only 18″ by 24″ – about the same size as those some of us have been making ourselves.

Knight of Swords by Deirdre Abbotts

The Fool by Kim Marguerite LaPolla

Queen of Pence by Amy Zerner

9 of Pence by Susan Brittingham

The “Zerner-Farber” tarot deck is an exquisite, complete quilted deck. It is not currently in print, but still can be found for between $25 and $40.

Another amazing set of quilted cards is by Susan Brittingham, whose 9 of Pence is completely done with fabric and thread.

Tarot Feast:

Sunday, May 19 is the planned day for this spring’s Tarot themed Feast, and we would like to hold it at Hidden Falls. The weather will hopefully clear up by then but just in case Nell will look into reserving the shelter.

Creating Our Own Tarots:

Nell shared her collage deck including two new cards; “The Hermit” and the “Wheel of Fortune”.

Ciaran shared two more of his My Little Pony themed tarot cards; The Queen of Wands and the Knight of Swords.


We would like to improve our access to social media, and FaceBook has been really disappointing. Ciaran will look into upgrading the website so that it has a forum.

We have decided to withdraw deck and book sales from our website. Times are tough for stores, and we would like to encourage everyone to take advantage of all the great bookstores and metaphysical stores in the Twin Cities. If you find a book or a deck that you like on Amazon, please consider spending a little bit more to help our local stores thrive.

The next meeting will be April 20 at Beltane Studio.